Hey folks, my name is Ivo (a.k.a. Evo) and in just a few words - My wife Elizabeth, our son Mario and I live in South Africa ( originally from Bulgaria). I like blogging about some cool stuff like food, online marketing, graphic design, 3D design and animations and....about anything cool happening in the world. I've been in the Internet marketing field since 2009. I was most of my life in the hospitality industry and doing cool things online like graphic design, 2D and 3D graphics and animations, working with software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Aftereffects etc. was my hobby. I mean a real hobby. I was addicted. So, at some stage of my career, I came to the conclusion that my new future is the Internet. Simply I couldn't resist being part of it.

My greatest achievement in the last couple of years is to turn my hobbies into a sustainable online business. Stick with me and I will show you how to turn your hobbies into a profitable business. My wife Elizabeth and I are doing great with our online business. She is one of the best front-end cloud technology developers and it's an absolute pleasure to work with her. I am really happy to share with my audience my knowledge and experience and assist in your business achievements.

I would like to make a note about achievement and success. There is one hugely important factor that these two are dependent on. It's called dedication. If you are dedicated to something that you really want to get it from this life, trust me you will. Failure acceptance shouldn't exist in your life.

My parents have never been rich. They didn't have the opportunity to make me wealthy or give me money for any of my achievements. They gave me education and