Follow my steps to become a successful Internet marketer

The thorough education emphasizing the Internet marketing basics and fundamentals is the first steps need to be taken to become a competent and fluent professional marketer. Before you learn how to run you need to learn first how to walk, right?

In the Business school, you will get all the necessary education about accounting, finance, economics, marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship etc. But all doesn't stop here. The fundamentals should be followed by taking further education in form of online or offline courses, exploring and discovering how others are doing their business, for instance, like right now you are on my blog where you can learn for free a whole lot of stuff in the Internet marketing sphere.

The more knowledge you get from different sources the better. The next crucial for your career steps are taking your future as a professional marketer seriously and start participating in training alternatives as apprenticeship programs or self-directed courses of study.

After all these steps the best thing to do for yourself is to learn at the side of a professional marketer (mentor) where you coming to the point of learning the advanced and practical part of the Internet marketing process. In this way, you will learn to practice the basic marketing skills you already built in the school and all the courses you've taken and transforming your knowledge into the advanced marketing techniques.

During this process is very important to start building your network of professional colleagues, marketers, and entrepreneurs, and any other contacts, because it is crucial for the successful future of your professional career.

Always remain up to date with marketing magazines, articles, books, websites, attend if possible marketing educational classes, seminars, webinars etc. One thing is very important to understand that all your life you will be learning. Always be curious and never say "I know everything now...".

By learning in details the Internet marketing industry you will achieve three very important for you as a professional from the Business industry character traits - Commitment to service, Sense of responsibilities, Sound and visual judgment, thus the ability to make great impressions.

Commitment to service
The level to which business professionals can offer a quality service and customer satisfaction is the level to which they will succeed in providing an excellent service.

Sense of responsibilities
The main responsibility of a business professional is the respect of customer, staff, and colleagues no matter if they are juniors or seniors, hardware, software and any other thing on your way that need to be respected in order to fulfill your personal satisfaction as a professional.

Sound and visual judgment
One of the prerequisites for becoming a good professional is the abilities to judge what is right and what is wrong in any situation where you need to judge or take a decision. These abilities are smoothing out with experience and dedication to your professional success.

Now in few words about me not as a professional but rather as a person I can say that whatever I do as a professional for me the most important part of my life is my family. We live in South Africa since 1997. My wife Elizabeth and I are running our Internet business together.  Originally we are from Bulgaria. Now, as you know, or if you don't you better learn it now you MUST have a free time for yourself or as a quality family time to "recharge the batteries", in other words, you need time to get away from your every day activities, because this is one of the most powerful things to keep your brain from shutting down and keep you going in a proper direction while running your business.

I love cycling and I try to do it at least 3 times a week with every session being about 40 km.  and my wife....coffee, cigarettes, and movies. Yeah, it is not a sport but that is how she relaxes from being all day in front of the computer. As long as you find your own way it's fine. The most important is to break up your activities from time to time with something cool, something you really love to do but different from your business.

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